You need a brand, not just a logo

As a brand marketer, I’m approached quite often by start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs to design a logo that will represent the face of their company. While a logo is a very important part of the brand, it is not the brand. Great branding evokes meaning and personality. It’s how you want your company to be viewed in the eyes, hearts and minds of your clients. Your company's logo is just one aspect of your brand. Alone it conveys very little. Here are a few suggestions on how to create your brand story:


Display your uniqueness. What is the one thing that makes your product or service stand out from all the others?


Create a memorable story or experience. Identify with your company's strengths and passions to highlight the characteristics you want your clients to remember the most.


Elicit a response. Create a striking and lasting mental and emotional image that identifies your product and service.

Innovate. Inspire. Impel.

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